If you would like to hire one or more of the facilities, please read the information below:

Download the provisional Booking Form
Download the Hire Charges

Terms & Conditions of Hire

1) A provisional booking may be made by phone or email: 01483 235185 or admin@newlifebaptist.org.uk. Please confirm all arrangements using the attached form at least three weeks before the date of use.

2) Fees of less than £100 are due at the time of booking. For other events a deposit of £100 is due at the time of booking and the balance is due 14 days after delivery of invoice.

3) A separate deposit of £100 (post-dated cheque made payable to ‘New Life Baptist Church’) may be requested at the time of booking, as security against potential breakage/damage or should the need arise to clean the premises after your event. It will be destroyed one week after the event, provided there is no reason to withhold it.

4) Cancellation by the Hirer – full hire charge will be made for less than 7 days’ notice 50% for less than 21 days’ notice. If New Life Baptist Church is obliged to cancel a confirmed booking due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, it’s liability to the party making the booking will be limited to returning any fees paid.

5) Arrangements will be made, in the week or two before the booking commences, regarding entry to the Centre and locking up (as appropriate).

6) Parking for the Centre is available in the marked bays in front of the Nuffield Health and the Budgens car parks.

7) While you are using the Centre you are responsible for:-

Building security during the period of hire and as you leave (please only leave the entrance door open or the smaller door unbolted if you are able to monitor any unwelcome intrusion);

Your guests and their good behaviour, leaving rooms you have used clean and tidy with chairs, tables, etc stacked away as found, and strictly preventing the use of tape, or anything else which may cause damage to paintwork, on the walls. Cleaning equipment for the Main Hall floor can be found behind the blue screens, next to the corner cupboard. For the carpets on the 2nd floor , there is a vacuum cleaner at the near end of the corridor. All rubbish (including nappies) is to be taken away;

Reporting any breakages or damage to the Church Administrator;

Paying for the costs of damage, repair or replacement to contents or building;

Switching off the lights & heaters and shutting windows & doors when you leave (top floor Velux windows may be left slightly open in very hot weather). Please ensure that the front doors are shut and can only be accessed by entering the keycode.

8) Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building or in the proximity of an outside door. No animals are permitted inside the building except for Guide Dogs.

9) Out of consideration for our neighbours you are asked to ensure that nothing happens to disturb them. All functions, therefore, must end by 10.30pm weekdays (11.00pm Saturday) and the premises must be vacated by 11pm (11.30pm Saturday). Windows should be kept closed after 10pm if playing music or using the PA system. Sound equipment must also be kept at a level low enough so as not to cause disturbance to other hirers.

10) Alcohol may only be served by prior arrangement with the Church Administrator. As New Life Baptist Church holds no licence, alcohol must not be sold on the premises.

11) There are wall heaters in all of the rooms, for use in the winter months (winter fuel surcharge applies). An initial setting of 3 or 4 is normally adequate to warm the room quickly, after which time you may need to reduce the setting. All heaters should be turned off completely at the wall on leaving the building (and preferably approx. 30 minutes before).

12) The building is not licensed for public performances, public dances or public discos. It is the sole responsibility of the Hirer to seek such licence or notice as is required.

13) Any equipment brought in by the hirer should be safe to use, satisfy all regulatory requirements and is used at the Hirer’s own risk.

14) The Hirer is not permitted to use the premises for any unlawful purpose and can only use the premises for the purpose described in the agreement. The Hirer must not sublet the premises.

15) The Church Administrator or any other authorised official on duty has the right to refuse admission to any person considered to be a potential risk to individuals or property.

Child Protection
Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times whilst on the premises. For hiring involving the use of rooms by children, the Hirer is required to ensure that children are protected at all times by taking reasonable steps to prevent the occurrence of any injury, loss, damage or harm. All hirers working with children are required to have a DBS disclosure at an appropriate level and must be able to show this and their child protection policy on request.

Fire Regulations and Safety
It is the Hirer’s responsibility to familiarise him/herself, and advise those in their group, as to the fire safety regulations for the building, location of fire exits and location and use of fire protection and detection equipment. Fire equipment should not be misused and fire escape routes must not be restricted. Flammable substances and equipment utilising naked flame are not permitted in the building. The person responsible for the group should keep a register of names to be used in the event of an evacuation.

Use of Kitchen
Use of the kitchen is not exclusive unless by prior arrangement. It is advisable that food is prepared by those who hold a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate. In any event, the person making the booking will be responsible for ensuring the safety of catering for that event. After using the kitchen please ensure that everything is clean and put away before you leave. For safety reasons please do not allow children under the age of 11 into the kitchen area.

First Aid
First Aid boxes are to be found in the kitchen first floor on, on the upstairs landing by the Large Meeting Room and behind the counter in Refresh. Please record any incident/accident in the book provided.

QE Park Baptist Church accepts no responsibility or liability in respect of personal injury suffered at the Centre or in connection with the use of these facilities, or in respect of the loss of or damage to property suffered at the Centre or in connection with its use. Users’ and their guests’ property is not insured whilst on the premises by QE Park Baptist Church or on its behalf.